Saturday, June 26, 2010

Happiness is a New CD

          I love discovering new music. It makes me very very happy :) Today is my brother's birthday and he wanted to take a trip to Amoeba. (The best music store, ever!) So, yesterday I had to have my 'list' as my bother calls it, ready. So, I spent a couple hours online researching new artists (or new to me) and compiled my list. I brought home 6 new CD's and can't wait to listen to them all!

        One of the new CD's is by a band called Stornoway. A folk/pop band from England. The first minute I heard this song, I knew I wanted their entire CD.

     Another album I picked up is by Swedish duo First Aid Kit. Sisters who sing folk songs that are so beautiful. Their voices are amazing!

        The last new artist I will share with you is Marina and the Diamonds. Another export from England she's somewhere in-between Britney and Florence and the Machine. She makes pop music thats actually about something.

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