Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Summer Music Fix

For quite some time I have had the desire to go to a music festival this year. Throughout the years I have been to about 50 concerts, but have yet to ever attend a multiple day festival. I thought that my dreams had come true when my brother, his friend and I decided to attend Glastonbury this year. You see, U2 will be headlining on his birthday- it was all meant to be. (Plus I was looking forward to rocking a jumpsuit- the only place I feel they are allowed. I had my outfit completely planned in my head).

So for 2 good solid months I was under the impression that we were going; we had mentally planned our entire trip overseas. Then, we learned of another festival, occurring at the same time as Glastonbury, being held at London's Hyde Park. At the time we knew of only Pearl Jam performing. (Which was enough for my brother to attend- of course, I was along for the ride).

My summer holiday was set. I was going to the UK for an amazing musical experience, with a few shopping trips in between, of course. Then, we looked up airfare and our dreams came crashing down. We were already crushed about not being able to attend, and more and more acts are being announced as the days go by- Stevie Wonder, Sir Paul McCartney (Um.. A Beatle?- Really?) and the most heartbreaking- Kings of Leon.

I've officially stopped looking at who will be performing because it makes me sad. We thought about traveling to Nashville and attending Bonnaroo- with an equally amazing line-up, but it falls in line with our family reunion ( seriously?)

So, it looks like I'll be staying on the home front to attend Outsidelands in August to get my festival fix. Looks like Kings should be there so I'm happy.

Maybe next year?

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