Sunday, April 4, 2010

Coffee Comfort

      Yesterday, I went shopping with my cousin and found two pairs of J Brand jeans for less than half the price of one! I was in denim heaven. Now, the last thing I need is more pairs of jeans, but no other brand of jeans fits my like they do, so I took it as a sign and grabbed them and ran.   

        Since I've had such an emotional week, and since the weather is such a gray mess today, I decided to comfort myself with things that bring me joy. I started off my day at my favorite restaurant for some brunch. Then, off to see Hot Tub Time Machine (hilarious!) for some humor. Although it was disgusting outside I didn't want to go home just yet, so my brother and I headed off to Amoeba to shop for records, always a comfort. And don't forget a trip to Starbucks. I decided on a Carmel Macchiato. Not my usual drink, but when I need something sweet that is sure to do the trick. 

Happy Easter Everyone!


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