Sunday, April 11, 2010

Looks for Less

       Being a fan of designer fashion, without the designer budget makes life rough sometimes. While I wish I could wear Chloe to work, Lanvin to parties and Rag and Bone on the weekends, it just ain't gonna happen. On of my favorite websites to peruse designer looks is net-a-porter. They have quite an impressive stock of different labels and ship to something like 140 countries. I picked a few of my favorites of late and found some options for those of us that want the look but can't afford it. 

Helmut Lang Leather               Free People Terry 
   Jacket $995                       Jacket $98



  Donna Karan $1295             Urban Outfitters $28


3.1 Phillip Lim $650            Forever 21 $22.80

Kara by Kara Cross 3 Stone     Arden B 2 finger Ring $14
      Ring $ 250

   Chloe Bag $1995               Forever 21 Bag $17.80


  1. Dude, nice job with this post! I love the Arden B 2 finger ring!!

  2. I love the Free People jacket. Oh, how I need you to stylize me.