Thursday, July 8, 2010

Fashion + Music = Art

       I went to the San Francisco MOMA on Tuesday to check out the Calder to Wharhol exhibit that they are housing right now. It's a collection of artwork that Doris and Donald Fisher (the founders of Gap) has accumulated over the years. A lot of this work was previously housed in their corporate offices in San Francisco, but they wanted to share it with the public. Some of the pieces are just extraordinary and it's crazy to think this is just a taste of what they own. 
      While there, I discovered a sculpture by of Michael Jackson and Bubbles. Being the Michael obsessed fan that I am, I just had to have my picture taken with it. The only regret of the trip was not waiting in the mile long line for Blue Bottle Coffee. Possibly the best coffee I've ever tasted. The smell alone will attract any coffee- aholic. 
    Here are some of my favorite pieces from the exhibit. 

Michael Jackson and Bubbles sculpture by Jeff Koons

Sculptures by Claes Oldenburg
(The first is made of car parts!)

Jackie and Marilyn by Andy Wharhol

Forgot to take note of these artists but was quite impressed with both. The first piece was floor to ceiling and it protruded from the wall at the bottom. The pictures depict images of current political topics. The piece on the bottom has many geometric shapes that I think depicts a jazz band. The red lips is the singer, the drums are to the right and the bass is to the left. What do you guys see?

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