Sunday, July 11, 2010

New Talent

     So, I was the at Pier 39 the other night (tourist spot, I know) having dinner with my brother's friend and his mom. After dinner we decided to walk around a bit. Every few feet a different type of music is playing. Rave down by the guy who spray paints pictures, 50's walking past Johnny Rockets, and a guy playing Saxophone next to one of the fancier restaurants. Somewhere in-between all these, we heard this beautiful voice, thinking it was on a speaker. We soon realized that it was coming from a girl with just her guitar and a mic sitting on the side of the road.
    Her name is Selah Rauw. We saw her sitting with a sign in front asking everyone to help her out. She was raising money to get to LA to record a demo. We decided to help her out, of course. We have a soft spot for singer/songwriters. Something you don't think you'd hear down at the pier. I immediately friended her on facebook and went to her youtube channel. Here's a bit of her playing. If you like her too, help her out!


  1. Thank you for leaving out the embarrassing part of this story...


  2. I thought about putting it in, but this blog isn't about you, is it?