Thursday, August 5, 2010

Wish List

       Now that stores are starting to see fall merchandise trickle in, I have started compiling my fall wish list. It also helps that it's August in San Francisco, meaning that it's perfect weather to start wearing all the fall goodies- which makes me VERY happy :) Now, I'm not a fan of online shopping, but I am an avid online browser. I like to find things I love online and then hunt them down at a store. Here are a few items I've found recently that are on my 'do I really need this?' wish list...

I've wanted a cape, for like, ever. 
We'll see if I bring one home this year.

Love the tortoise band.
Not something you see very often.

Not a fan of cargo pants 
(cuz you know, the added bulk)
but I'm intrigued by the skinny version. 

Umm, A-M- AZING!

Really want to rock some shearling this year.
The hood makes it practical. Love it!

Little adoration when you have
a bad hair day. Would wear this often. 

The Boxford. (Did I just invent a new word?)
The boot-oxford hybrid- in a wedge. 
Need I say more?

Wool/ Cashmere Cape - Hanii Y                 $685
Tortoise Shell Watch - Urban Outfitters       $28
Skinny Cargo Pants - Urban Outfitters         $58
Hey DJ Triple Finger Ring - Threadsence      $16
Faux Shearling Jacket - Aqua                     $198
Gold Chain Headband - Threadsence           $56
Oxford Wedges - Cynthia Vincent               $325

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