Monday, January 31, 2011

Vintage Finds

         Over the weekend I took a mini-break (as the English say) to Monterey. As much of a city girl I am, it's nice to get out of it every now and then. I've been traveling there since I was a little girl for family vacations and I still love it to this day. One of our favorite spots is the Antique Mall on Cannery Row. It's two stories chalk- a-block full of goodness. I can spend hours trolling the little stalls of items littered about. You have to take your time and look EVERYWHERE. You are sure to miss things, no matter how long you take, there's that much stuff. 
        I found some amazing things for my room that I am currently redecorating and even some shoes! Here's a peek at my purchases. 

Vintage glass bottles. Some held liquor, others medicine.

Jewelry Box that is practically in perfect condition.

An owl toothbrush holder. Isn't he cute?

A pair of 'never worn' oxfords along with a 
blazer I later found at goodwill. 

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